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Reading and Playing

Playdate With Year 1

Playing helps children build confidence; feel loved, happy, and safe; develop social and motor skills, language, and communication; and learn about caring for others and their environment. Children should play!

Therefore, we want our students to play. Year 4 students had a playdate with Year 1 students. Unstructured and structured activities, creative play with others, including artistic games, imaginative games like playing make-believe, exploring favorite play spaces in the classroom, board games, and playing with Pokemon cards.

Students got along pretty well. It was a very good moment to socialize, and share ideas and experiences. We are looking forward to our next playdate!



The chosen book for the week from March 4th to 8th was Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, TumbleReadables, TR Classics. We’re starting to present more sophisticated books to Year 4, preparing them to be able to sort out more complicated language and context on their own. In order to help the children, little by little, achieve a higher level of concentration, and continue working on collaborative reading, which helps them work on respecting their classmates’ turns as well as learn how to listen and help others with their difficulties, the book was projected on the board, so children could follow the story while the teacher read, and also took turns reading. Later on, they shared their opinion and their understanding of the chapters read. As a last activity, they illustrated the content.

As homework reading, the group took home the second part of the story, printed, to create the habit of reading outside school.


Written by Maria Elisa and Anne, Year 4 English Teachers

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