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Thursday, second of April after the egg hunt, the kids had a very special art class to celebrate Easter: painting Easter eggs. But first, the children were able to get to know a little bit about the meaning of this traditional art, mostly common in Eastern Europe and other countries in the East. Family and friends get together to paint them and give them as a gift to others as a celebration of life. Teacher Dorota, who is from Poland, brought some of her egg collection, made of wood. The kids loved them! So, they painted their egg, made of plaster, and then they took home their present! It was a great class and the children enjoyed it a lot.

Written by Claudia Sasaki, Art Teacher

IMG_3457 IMG_5662

IMG_2600 IMG_6580 IMG_6663 IMG_6965 IMG_7294 IMG_7580 IMG_7921 IMG_8468IMG_3553

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