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Mesopotamia in Motion

This week, we initiated the Mesopotamia Project with our Year 4 students, which we will be working throughout this trimester.  Mesopotamia was a land with a lot to offer. Its location and natural resources encouraged people to settle there. Early societies developed governments, agriculture, writing, and new technologies. This very interesting topic is going to be contextualized in various ways: lots of discussion, research, reading, and learning.

While the children were in the reading room talking about how camp was, we were in the classroom creating a very mysterious atmosphere, with ancient music, flashlights, dark cloths covering up all the windows, and pictures of ancient artifacts and statues spread all over the classroom. When they came up, they were all surprised, and got immediately into the mood of Mesopotamia and its fabulous history.

To wrap up the day, they had to decode a message written in Cuneiform alphabet, which read: “You are about to enter the Cradle of Civilization” We were all so excited about it! Some kids went home itching of curiosity and even came the next day with precious information learned from their parents.

It was a great start!

Written by Maria Elisa and Anne

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