Publicado por: blogbeliving | 22/04/2015

Sharing the tongue twisters with year 1

Last Friday, the children from Year 2 went to Year 1 to teach them the tongue twisters they wrote for Literary Saturday. It was a really fun moment, with lots of learning and laughs. First, the Year 2 kids explained to the Year 1 kids what a tongue twister was, and were glad to see that many of them knew tongue twisters both in Portuguese and English. There was even one on their wall! Then they were organized in pairs to teach/learn a tongue twister and later were recorded saying them. You can learn all the tongue twisters Year 2 wrote this Saturday, so don’t miss out!

Written by Ana Carolina Paulista and Tatiana Romanholli, Year 2 Teachers

P1030090 P1030091 P1030092 P1030093 P1030094 P1030095 P1030096 P1030097 P1030098 P1030099 P1030100


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