Publicado por: blogbeliving | 30/04/2015

When they are NOT in class…

They are STILL using all their creative juices! There are always pleasant surprises in our school, from spontaneous guitar circles in the playground and art creations in the reading room, to fort-making in the classroom and make-believe homelessness during afternoon snack time. Playing with teachers in their free time is still fun at this age and we take advantage of that, teaching them games or just plain nonsense fun. Yesterday, the Year 2 pets were delivered and today, there was even a magic show put on by a few Y4 boys for the whole school during lunch! And by the way, yes, they are still banging on the tables chanting Acamerê songs when they eat. Enjoy the photos and video!

Written by Rebekah Oliveira, Coordinator

IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2842 IMG_2845 IMG_3584 IMG_3627 IMG_3631 IMG_3638 IMG_3674 magic magic2


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