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English, Board Games, Popcorn, and Year 4

Every day when lunch has finished, and it’s time for English, we try to assure that all the kids are practicing the second language and doing their best to try not to rely on their mother tongue to communicate.

We try this and that, we make adjustments and agreements, but always some new way of helping everyone stick with English is being worked on, discussed, and put to practice. All the strategies are valid and valuable, but it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is even more important and efficient when the kids come up with their own strategies to make it happen. And, that’s what year 4 did!

During a class discussion on how to increase the use of English in the classroom and avoid the use of Portuguese as much as they could, Year 4 dazzled us with a great idea: why don’t we make a board game which would encourage us to speak English all the time? So that’s what we did. They even came up with the rules: Every day, at the beginning of the class, the teacher will write “PORTUGUESE” on the board. Whenever she hears it in the classroom, she erases one letter. If by the end of the day there’s still at least one letter left, the kids will get to roll the dice and move forward with their pawn on the board.

When they finally reach the finishing line, they get a prize. Many options of prizes were taken into consideration, but it looks as though we’ll have some fun with a great movie in English and some popcorn!

By Maria Elisa Bertolami and Anne Venditti, Year 4 teachers

board game year 4


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