Publicado por: blogbeliving | 09/09/2015

Recycling: Plastic, Paper, Toothpaste, Floss, Sponges, Markers…Wait, What?  


This morning, the student body got together to talk about the importance of recycling, as well as tying up some loose ends on this issue. They watched a short movie called Resíduos Sólidos made by Programa Água Brasil

which was followed by our own Amélia telling the students about what happens each week to the items that we choose to recycle at school. A discussion ensued, ending in ideas for the renewal of this mentality and the continued use of the resources the school already provides, as well as further initiatives.

One such initiative came from OEBi (Organização das Escolas Bilíngues de São Paulo) which asked be.Living to take part in a recycling program for certain types of special, normally considered “non-recyclable” items, including oral hygiene supplies, sponges, school writing supplies, and batteries. A memo was sent by e-mail today with more specific information.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the pictures of our recycling assembly.


Written by Rebekah Oliveira



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