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The Secret School by AVI

The secret

In August, Year 4 started on a brand new reading journey. The book was specially chosen for them, taking into account the skills they need to improve, and their likes and dislikes. Moreover, it’s a reading which they can easily relate to since it portrays very interesting characters, some a bit younger and others a bit older than themselves. The book is called “The Secret School”, by the American author AVI. It’s a pleasant and smooth reading which tells the story of Ida Bidson, a teenage girl who really wants to become a teacher. Ida and her friends will face the adventure of a lifetime to keep a school open without anybody finding out.

Year 4 has just finished chapter 4. During these four chapters, we used different reading strategies: they had silent individual reading, the teacher read to them and they followed in their books, the teacher read and they just listened…The fact is that no matter what is the chosen strategy for the week, we are very excited and looking forward to finding out whether Ida will be able to handle being the teacher and keep their school a secret or not.

Written by Anne Venditti
Year 4 Assistant English Teacher


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