Publicado por: blogbeliving | 23/11/2015

JJ’s Workshop

Today, we were in awe with James’s presentation! 

Periodic table of elements, atoms, molecules, chemical reactions… wow! A serious science class!

JJ knew what he was talking about, and he delivered a precise and confident presentation. He was spot-on when answering his friends’ questions and giving explanations on his subject. Just like a mini scientist! 

Everyone participated actively and paid close attention to what JJ was saying. After all the explanations it was time to work a little. The kids had the chance to put elements together simulating molecules like H2O using mini colorful marshmallows. It was great fun! But the best was yet to come: an experiment! How to fill a balloon using a chemical reaction! JJ brought bottles with vinegar and a balloon with some baking soda inside. Once the baking soda gets in touch with the vinegar the magic happens! It fills the balloon with air!

What a great day!

Thank you JJ for the great lesson!

Written by Tatiana Romeiro

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