Publicado por: blogbeliving | 02/12/2015

Clara’s Workshop

Today Year 2 had a magical scientific experience with Clara’s workshop!

Clara was anxious to present her experiments filled with magic to her friends. She started out a bit shy, but right after she got the hang of it, she delivered a great workshop! She was confident and presented herself as a true mini-scientist.

The first experiment was working with invisible ink. She clearly explained all the steps to the group, telling them how they had to use this ink on a piece of paper and leave it to dry. Meanwhile, she showed a second experiment: sticky glue! A mixture of white glue, a boric acid solution, sodium bicarbonate powder, and paint. After all the explanations, it was time to put their hands to work, mixing all the ingredients together! The result was a kind of gooey mixture that stretches, but doesn’t stick to your hands. Everyone made a mess and had a great time!

When the paper with the invisible ink was dry, Clara explained what they would have to do next, and then it was time for the real magic to come alive. Clara brought an iodine solution to develop what was written. Everyone was mesmerized with the results!

Clara, thank you for the great magical science class!

Written by Tatiana Romeiro

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