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Rafael Lollato Part II – Parent’s Model Workshops

Who remembered that Rafael (Oliver’s dad) was going to create someTHING for the school community?

The highly artistic Learning Wheel Bookshelf was set up today in the reading room with the Year 2 children as his official helpers.  It will be officially inaugurated next week with Year 2 sharing what they learned from Rafael’s thorough presentation to the rest of the school community. A text and photos of the process accompany the bookshelf and you, parents, are more than welcome to come appreciate this beautiful new addition to our school.

Below, Rafael wrote about the building process and some of the reasons for his creative design. Take a look and enjoy the photos of the installation day.

Learning Wheel Bookshelf

– The Building Process –

This production process involves – a project, time and material calculation, execution plan, building, and installation.

Why a circle?

A circle, because there is no beginning or end to learning, the same as knowledge. In the same way that we don’t know when we first learn something, we won’t know when we’ll stop doing it.

A circle, because it is the shape of a hug, and that’s how in ancient times the elderly taught and shared experiences with the youth, around a fire in a circle of caring.

A circle, so that the be.Living community can circulate their book recommendations in order to share their reading experiences.

A circle, because the learning experience is cyclical: we get in touch with information, then we assimilate it, and it becomes part of you.  Then, we go for another “round” of leaning, and another……. Rolling like a circle, moving from Yellow to Orange to Year 5, be.Living…

By Rafael Lollato

Thank you Rafael for all your hard work, your ideas and inspiration, our dreams turning into reality.

Written by Rebekah Oliveira

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  1. Thank you Rafael! Good job. Inspiring text!!!!!!!

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