Publicado por: blogbeliving | 08/12/2015

Gabriel’s Workshop

Today was another day for sports. Gabriel’s workshop was all about tennis: the history, the ranking of best players, the rules, and, of course, some practice.

In the beginning, Gabriel was anxious and nervous, but with his friends’ help he got the hang of it and showed us all he knew. He started telling us a little about the roots of this fantastic sport. Everyone was paying close attention and showed great interest in the facts he was presenting. After presenting all the history, facts, and the rules, it was time for some real moves: we all went to the court so he could show how to hit the tennis ball in different ways. Some of the techniques he taught us were: smash, forehand, backhand. They all had a chance to try, and had a great time!

Thank you Gabriel! It was great!

Written by Tatiana Romeiro

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